12 Diamond Goalie East Coast Mesh


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12 Diamond goalie mesh provides a good balance between hold and consistency.

Probably the best mesh in the world! Tens of thousands of lacrosse players can’t be wrong. This specially wax coated mesh has a great soft feel without the sad soft mesh side effets when wet. The wax coating also offers superior hold. Featuring the 12D Goalie mesh variant. Comes in original East Coast Dyes packaging for proof of originality.

Superior Hold: East Coast Mesh has a slightly tacky property that adds hold without adding whip.

East Piece is hand coated by us in Baltimore, MD. All of our mesh is manufactured in the United States
East Coast Mesh is coated in a secret blend of ingredients that make it outperform traditional hard mesh in every aspect. Traditional hard mesh bags out and becomes unusable in the rain. East Coast Mesh is weather resistant and repels water so your stick will always be on point. When the game is on the line, the last thing you’ll have to worry about is your mesh.
Available as a mesh piece or a kit (which includes the goalie strings needed to string a head)

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