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ECM Black is a high performance wax lacrosse mesh. The wax coating allows for a slightly harder mesh compared to standard ECM mesh.

It is infused with an entirely new wax formula to provide superior performance. It has a semi-hard, dry, not tacky feeling. This will ensure your pocket has maxiumum consistency and a smooth release. ECM Black is weatherproof, easy to break in, and provides unrivaled consistency.

  • Weatherproof – Never worry about your pocket bagging out in the rain again. ECM Black will withstand the worst weather conditions lacrosse has to offer.
  • Fast Break-in – ECM Black has a semi hard, not tacky or waxy feel. It breaks in incredibly quickly and is game ready within 5 mintues. Never spend 2 weeks getting your pocket game ready again.
  • Maximum Consistency – In lacrosse consistency is everything. ECM Black will perform the same for every shot and every pass no matter what.


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